About St. Peter Marian

For almost a century we have been dedicated to educating students to strive for academic excellence, develop their faith and contribute to the community.

Our name Saint Peter Marian comes from the two schools that formed it: Saint Peter’s High School and Marian High School. There are four dates on the SPM seal:

  • The year 1921 refers to the year in which Saint Peter’s High School was established, on Main Street. St Peter’s was a coeducational parish school operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The building is now occupied by St. Peter Central Catholic Elementary School.
  • The year 1963 refers to the year in which Marian High School was built, an all-female school which was located on the present-day site of Saint Peter-Marian. Marian High School was operated by the Sisters of Mercy.
  • The year 1976 refers to the merging of St. Peter’s High School and Marian High School to form Saint Peter-Marian High School.
  • 1989 refers to year we expanded to include Junior High School students.

Saint Peter-Marian’s campus is situated upon a hill in a residential neighborhood. It is less than one mile to the town of Holden, Massachusetts.

The campus contains a football field, a baseball field, a softball field, and a soccer field. The parking lot can hold several hundred automobiles.

Technology Plan

Please check back soon for the download link for Saint Peter-Marian’s Technology Plan.