Academic Philosophy


St. Peter Marian prides itself on academic excellence, which builds a solid foundation for a successful future. Consisting of core traditional academic subjects, the curriculum exposes students to humanity’s rich heritage of faith, ideas, arts and sciences, while fostering students’ love of learning.


All classes are college preparatory and focus on preparing students for college. Honors sections are offered in all major subject areas. Ten Advanced Placement courses and more than 200 Virtual High School courses are available for highly motivated students.   We believe the education process has been successful when the student is prepared not only for advanced education but also for living a happy effective life. We are convinced that a student who leaves high school with the ability to solve problems, anticipate challenges and operate creatively has an advantage in the world.

Teaching Methodology

We engage our students through a variety of teaching methods. We stimulate curiosity, invite participation, challenge assumptions and address current world issues.


Our teaching staff:
• Responds and adapts to individual
learning styles
• Keeps students involved through visual,
auditory and kinesthetic techniques
• Helps students overcome limitations and
• Generates energy and enthusiasm