The SPM Campus

SPM is blessed with a rich tradition and a 50 year-old building. All members of the community have a responsibility to be good stewards of these resources. Any student who defaces or damages facilities will be subject to disciplinary sanctions as well as potential financial obligations for repairs. Led by our Maintenance Staff, the school community strives to maintain a clean campus at all times. The cooperation of all students is necessary to keep the campus and school buildings clean and in good condition.


The Angelo Gentile Memorial Purple Room is open during study periods, before and after school, for student use. Students should follow the direction of the faculty or staff member present.


The SPM Gymnasium is open by request of the Athletic Director. Gym shoes only are to be worn at all times on the basketball floor.


The SPM Weight Room is open by scheduling with the Athletic Director. A strength and conditioning coach and/or faculty moderator must be present for student use.


The Caniff Media Center and Library is used by classroom teachers and is open to students throughout the day. Students seeking to use the library should seek the Director of Library Services.


Athletic locker rooms are opened only by the Athletic Director and Coaches. Students should be in athletic rooms only during designated times and should not remove equipment without the express permission of the coach. Use of athletic equipment outside of the gym or fields is strictly prohibited.


The Guardian Fields are for the use of athletic teams and are scheduled by the Athletic Director. Guardian Field is home to Varsity Football, Field Hockey, and Soccer. Due to care and maintenance, Guardian Field will not be used in the Winter or Spring. The Softball Field and Baseball Field are for use of each team respectively. Two Upper Fields are for use for practices and for Lacrosse.


The Rueger Auditorium is open for students to rehearse for theater productions. Students seeking to use the auditorium should seek out our Theatre Director.
The cafeteria offers food service prior to school, during the designated lunch periods as well as after school. Vending machines offering drinks and light snacks are available throughout the day as well. Students may use the cafeteria during any lunch, before or after school.

St. Peter-Marian Chapel

The Chapel is open for students to pray, practice piano, prayer services, Masses, and retreats.


Students should inform the Campus Minister that they are using the Chapel prior to using it.