Course Offerings/Academic Requirements

St. Peter-Marian Academic Requirements are based upon offerings from the following departments:
• Religion Department
• English Department
• Mathematics Department
• Science Department
• Social Studies Department
• Foreign Language Department
• Computer Science/Business Department
• Art Department
• Physical Education Department


All courses are college preparatory 
Level AP: Advanced Placement
Level 1: Honors
Level 2: Accelerated College Prep
Level 3: College Prep


Click here to download a PDF containing Course Offering/Academic Requirements and electives.

Course Schedule

Frequency Unless otherwise noted, all classes meet daily in a seven-period day.


Academic Schedule
The school is on a four-quarter schedule.


Notice to Students
If you use Vista Office Suite, WORKS or Word Perfect at home and need to print a file at school, save your file as WORD 6.0 or print it at home. Another method is to get an account with Google and use Google Documents or and download their FREE suite.