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Mission Statement The Parental Consultative School Board supports the St. Peter-Marian Mission Statement by enhancing educational opportunities, fostering community spirit and increasing communication through parental involvement.


The purpose of the organization is to assist the administration by providing advice and counsel concerning: Strategic planning, evaluation and development of policies, plans and mission effectiveness, communication and outreach, and other roles requested by the administration. The Parent Board also hosts Open House, Shopping Day, Parent Social, New Parent Orientation, and Career Day.


We welcome any new ideas, comments, or feedback you may have to better your family’s Community Experience here at SPM. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Parent Board


Meg Mulhern


Board Members:
Terri Blair
Marybeth Campbell-Furgal
Missy Cutler
Michele Flamand
Tricia Gallo
Daria Liston
Judy Malm
Beth Proko
Deirdre Shea
Lisa Prior-Stokes

Download the Parent Board Nomination form


President – Christopher Cummings

Principal – Denise Allain

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs – 
William Driscoll


Newsletter View the current edition here.